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  • Mecca of Ice
    Mecca of Ice, the next book in the Mystic Deja series.
  • The Likeness
    Glimpses paranormal series, kicks off with Astral Travelers, The Likeness.
  • Alchemyth
    Uncover the myth of the unicorns. Read the fairy tale of passion and enchantment.

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Travel inside your imagination. Read the first chapter in the Mystic Deja series. The journey is just beginning.

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Breath of Dragons: Vanished

Breath of Dragons: Vanished

It is 3088 in a world divided into four leagues of dragons, and now a Drakon Master of the peaceful Aurian League has vanished.

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The Keys of Fate

The Keys of Fate

After the Galax is forced on a quest to retrieve the Keys of Fate, he uncovers the secrets to magic that the ancients had brought with them from another dimension.

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The Jealousy Garden

The Jealousy Garden

In this mystery of love triangles, Faith Alexander has to keep her wits about her, as the curse of Raven Hill causes her fears to come between her and Vance Carter, her heart's desire.

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Overview of Mecca of Ice

This is the second book in the Mystic Deja series. Deja has to continue her search, as her enemy, The Great Reign, prepares to infiltrate her mission.

Mystic Deja has to find her father, Octavius, before he passes through the next doorway, where he may never be found. Accomplishing this goal means traveling on a dangerous path, over a frozen lake to the Timoe Dali, and into the underground caverns where the shapeshifters live. Thankfully, she has a band of yabosaur allies that will go out of their way to make sure she arrives safely.

Now there are new aliens to battle, and more unusual weather, as well as new places to explore. Great Reign has a secret disguise, and an even more devious android creation; a new breed of silver assassins, hot on her trail.

Octavius is searching to enter his mind's eye, hoping to see his wife, Jenasee, one last time. But will this fantasy be his demise, or will Mystic Deja reach him in time?

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Playing the Harp

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What I miss about playing the harp.

I grew up with a musician father. My father loved the sound of the organ, and taught me to play the piano when I was only 7, but when I started junior high school at Lamar Fleming in Houston, I wanted to learn the harp.

The harp has a unique sound that is truly magical. We played the troubadour harp, which is the world’s best selling lever harp. I’ve had my share of performances in church, and even with the Scott Joplin Chamber Orchestra. But now I ask myself many times, why did I stop playing this beautiful instrument?


Writing Mystic Deja

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The Mystic Déjà Universe: From Creativity to Expansion

Mystic Déjà was conceived in my mind back when I was still a teenager starting my career training at the Art Institute of Houston in graphic arts. The first concepts began as a comic book idea, inspired by the Back to the Future series of time travel.

Time travel is such a used up topic, so I decided to do something entirely different. It took several long years and plenty of rewrites to come up with an original idea that stuck in my mind like glue.

The deep story behind Mystic Déjà comes from within. It was ultimately inspired by a dream-like memory I constantly had of traveling through worlds on distant planets. This dream seemed so real to me, that it began to grow more and more in my conscious. It was as if I was lost in space. I felt like I had seen and experienced these worlds, and that is when the creativity really began. I started envisioning a universe, like the Star Wars franchise, by coming up with a complete history, and opening somewhere in the middle to begin Déjà’s quest.

The Great Reign and Zim Logi are characters that can go far back into the history of the story, and also exist where the chronicle of Déjà begins.

An Emergist is a master originator, with the power to create things and make them a reality. This power does not come naturally to all inhabitants in this universe. It is a gift, and takes training and skill to master. Zim Logi, one of the most powerful Emergist in the series, sets out to mentor Déjà, and help her on her mission to find her father.

There is even deeper meaning in the series, because the story takes place in the minds and subconscious of Déjà and her inventor father, Octavius. With their two brainpowers combined, the universe becomes a growing fantasy of dream chronicles that can be expanded into many adventures in various dimensions.

Déjà Chanel travels through a multitude of déjà vu themed time periods, from Maze of Existence to achievement of her awareness in Mind Continuum, which is set to be the last novel in the 12 book series.

A new spin-off is planned to expand the universe, and relay the past quests of Zim Logi and the Emergists council in the The Emergy Chronicles. The first book, The Keeper of the Source, is set to be released next fall.

In the meantime, book two, Mystic Déjà: Mecca of Ice, now being distributed by a top distribution house, will be released this winter.

A 3D trailer is being developed for the book, and a movie script is also in the works. I look forward to writing more stories for this series, and creating new worlds for Déjà to explore.

Databank: Mystic Deja

coconut profile

Character Profile. Learn more about Deja.

Check out the character profile of Mystic Deja, from the book series.

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Drawing Mystic Deja

Drawing characters starts with a creative vision, and takes time to develop. Check out some of the earlier concept art for Mystic Deja.

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