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Playing the Harp

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What I miss about playing the harp.

I grew up with a musician father. My father loved the sound of the organ, and taught me to play the piano when I was only 7, but when I started junior high school at Lamar Fleming in Houston, I wanted to learn the harp.

The harp has a unique sound that is truly magical. We played the troubadour harp, which is the world’s best selling lever harp. I’ve had my share of performances in church, and even with the Scott Joplin Chamber Orchestra. But now I ask myself many times, why did I stop playing this beautiful instrument?

I miss playing the harp. The music was soothing and dream-like. I did have sore fingers every now and then, but it was worth it. When having so many ideas swimming around in your head, it is hard to settle down on just one. The reason I stopped focusing on the harp, was for the love of art.

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My dad wanted me to be a musician, but art has always been my first love. I still get excited when I see other people’s work, especially fantasy, and sometimes it almost brings tears to my eyes. The world is full of many talented people. To pick and choose just one craft can be hard, if you have a passion for many artistic endeavours. The best thing to do is stay focused on what you really want to accomplish in life.

Even though I love playing the harp, I was sure I wanted to be a publisher of art and writing. I had to stay focused on that goal, and I have. It doesn’t hurt to find time for other hobbies, and keep practicing to sharpen your skills. I think that maybe it is time to take up this craft once more. It may be just as calming for me, as it was in the past. And, you can never have too many passions in life.


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Dec 30, 2009
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