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Writing Mystic Deja

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The Mystic Déjà Universe: From Creativity to Expansion

Mystic Déjà was conceived in my mind back when I was still a teenager starting my career training at the Art Institute of Houston in graphic arts. The first concepts began as a comic book idea, inspired by the Back to the Future series of time travel.

Time travel is such a used up topic, so I decided to do something entirely different. It took several long years and plenty of rewrites to come up with an original idea that stuck in my mind like glue.

The deep story behind Mystic Déjà comes from within. It was ultimately inspired by a dream-like memory I constantly had of traveling through worlds on distant planets. This dream seemed so real to me, that it began to grow more and more in my conscious. It was as if I was lost in space. I felt like I had seen and experienced these worlds, and that is when the creativity really began. I started envisioning a universe, like the Star Wars franchise, by coming up with a complete history, and opening somewhere in the middle to begin Déjà’s quest.

The Great Reign and Zim Logi are characters that can go far back into the history of the story, and also exist where the chronicle of Déjà begins.

An Emergist is a master originator, with the power to create things and make them a reality. This power does not come naturally to all inhabitants in this universe. It is a gift, and takes training and skill to master. Zim Logi, one of the most powerful Emergist in the series, sets out to mentor Déjà, and help her on her mission to find her father.

There is even deeper meaning in the series, because the story takes place in the minds and subconscious of Déjà and her inventor father, Octavius. With their two brainpowers combined, the universe becomes a growing fantasy of dream chronicles that can be expanded into many adventures in various dimensions.

Déjà Chanel travels through a multitude of déjà vu themed time periods, from Maze of Existence to achievement of her awareness in Mind Continuum, which is set to be the last novel in the 12 book series.

A new spin-off is planned to expand the universe, and relay the past quests of Zim Logi and the Emergists council in the The Emergy Chronicles. The first book, The Keeper of the Source, is set to be released next fall.

In the meantime, book two, Mystic Déjà: Mecca of Ice, now being distributed by a top distribution house, will be released this winter.

A 3D trailer is being developed for the book, and a movie script is also in the works. I look forward to writing more stories for this series, and creating new worlds for Déjà to explore.

My Favorites

Writing The Keys of Fate

So, if I had to pick a favorite, besides the obvious Mystic Deja series, it would have to be The Keys of Fate. Writing The Keys of Fate: Tower of Change was a challenge. I wrote through hurricane Ike, through the loss of my beloved mother, and through many other personal hardships, but I really enjoyed writing it. Being creative and producing something that I felt would make a great high-end special effects film, was my goal. I had a fun time coming up with character names like Sidonias Elazar, Galax Hanz, Fortress and Silvica.

The Time Period

If you've read the book, you might be wondering a lot of things about the time period. Well, my style of writing is a little different from the norm. I like to combine the ancient past with future and technology, and since I have psychic abilities, this tends to come out in my work. This is a true science fiction & fantasy combination.

Even though there seems to plenty of description about the planet of Amunet being a little old school, there are places on the planet that are influenced by the wizards who are extra-terrestrial. In other words, wizards who bring technology from their own dimensions, have influenced some parts of Amunet, but not all. Because of this influence, a few major cities are futuristic, and the rest have yet to discover this new magic. Some townships aren't even ready to begin to advance in foreign technology, and so they are still riding horses.

Galax is given access to such advanced science, and he finds it a priviledge to be able to witness it.

The Magical Creatures

There are numerous magical creatures in this series. You'll find various species of Troll folk, Phoenixes, Crystral-back Sea Turtles, Giants, Elemental Fae, Willow-o-wisps (the Silent Wispers), bizarre Fish and Animals, Dwarfs, Bloodwyns, and Alien life forms to name a few.

Saving the Environment

There is a deep message hidden within the pages of The Keys of Fate. This book points out the lessons of working together to protect the environment. This is an important message, and because of our own earth's geological problems, this message seemed to be the one I wanted to convey the most. Because we all live together, we must each work together and do our part to keep our planet safe. We all can make a difference in the lives of others.

Wizarding Duels

I'm a big fan of wizards of all kinds. I like Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Merlin, Legend of the Seeker, and countless others. I literally consider myself a wizard of sorts, but only in wisdom, because I don't practice any magic, of course. But magic is creativity, and any time you use your imagination, it can be as fantastic as making something appear out of thin air.

Elazar and Madicon duel each other old wizard style. Making up spells was quite difficult, but I was able to pull out some pretty good enchantments. Too bad they aren't real, because I might like to use them sometimes. Especially the one that Galax used for Cameron, the Bloodwyn.

The Apprentice 

Galax is young wizard that makes a lot of mistakes, and learns many hard lessons about life and responsibility. I wanted his character to be as real as possible. He is the curious sort, and often talented and gifted individuals are in need of a challenge, and don't always do what they are told. Galax feels anxiety about what he is capable of, and yet he pushes forward to prove himself worthy of his duties.

Character Pick

The Forest Fae, Fortress of Northford, would have to be my pick. The reason I like Fortress is because she is a strong, responsible, wise, and mature female that would make a good role model. Fortress is a power woman, and is fearless in the face of danger. She is just the sort of ally I would have on my side.

The Keys

The Keys of Fate is a double meaning. The message is one of a literal term, but also encompasses the mystery of destiny. While writing this book, I meditated on what I already had learned from years of studying how destiny works. The mystical knowledge will be revealed within each book of the series. So sit back, relax, and if you have't read it already, enjoy the book!